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Live Trading – Week 4 – August 3 – 8, 2008

•August 3, 2008 • 2 Comments

Hoping to make a recovery after last week’s loss… Everything took a major gap this week as soon as trading opened as illustrated below…. all in the direction I predicted. I don’t know if this will help or hurt. It has definately made my ¬†T/P a lot more narrow as there is less room left than I anticipated.

EURUSD 1.5577 – Buy. T/P 1.5660 (Originally quoted as 1.5540 before open)
USDJPY 107.55 РSell. T/P 107.40 (Originally quoted as 107.74 before open)
GBPUSD 1.9758 РBuy. T/P 1.9870 (Originally quoted as 1.9732 before open)
USDCHF 1.0484 РSell. T/P 1.0425 (Originally quoted as 1.0512 before open)
USDCAD 1.2640 – Sell. T/P 1.0264 (Originally quoted as before 1.0269 open)

I’m avoiding AUDUSD altogether after last week… I STILL feel like it’s going to have a massive upswing this week, but it’s too risky.

I said I would be making a video tutorial this weekend, but I haven’t gotten around to it so far because I bought a new laptop this weekend and I’ve been spending most of my time getting it set up… hopefully tomorrow. (Civic holiday here in Canada.)

Edit: Shit, I didn’t look at my lot sizes… since I’m on a new computer, my lot sizes are at 1.00 by default, so all my trades are about half their regular size…so my results are going to look a little funky this week.

300+ views today… thanks guys

Week 3 – Live Results

•August 1, 2008 • 22 Comments

Well. First losing week live this week…

-$213.16 (-3.8%)

See results for this week HERE
See all-time stats HERE

If I quit Tuesday I would have been money ahead, but instead I bought some more. At one point this week I was actually up to $5,900 (not including losses being held), now I’m back down to $5,373.36.

AUDUSD screwed me over with a giant $360 loss. It looked like a great buy Tuesday, it still looked like a great buy Wednesday and Thursday, looks even better today. One of the major flaws in my system is that strong reversals look exactly the same as if the pair were extremely oversold/overbought (making it a huge bargain and you’d be stupid not to do the opposite of what is about to come)…. fortunately this is a rather rare occurance.

USDCAD mildly screwed me over with a loss about $150 as well… it just wouldn’t come back down for some reason.

Hopefully this weekend I will be doing a video tutorial of how I make my trades… stay tuned.

Week 3 – Update 2

•July 29, 2008 • 3 Comments

There’s no good-looking trades at the moment, there weren’t any last night either. If you’re keeping track, my only trade still open is USDCAD… which is the only pair still giving strong indications, despite being -$100 already… hopefully it will turn around today or tomorrow.

6 pm update:
Getting some stronger indications than this morning…
Just sold USDJPY @108.10 (T/P 107.40)and USDCHF @ 1.0462 (T/P 1.0340)

Getting ready to buy GBPUSD and AUDUSD, but it’s not quite there yet. Probably within the next hour or two, then I’ll update this.

Thank you!

•July 29, 2008 • 5 Comments

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog. It’s been hitting some milestones lately… As you probably heard me rambling about, it just passed 5,000 total hits. Today was also a record-breaker with 200+ views for the first time ever. And of course I recently got my first hate mail… “your blog sucks, you make in black? thats horrible.” XD.

I¬†think it’s pretty impressive… at first I¬†was getting 100¬†hits per MONTH. Now I’ve¬†had 100+¬†hits per¬†DAY for the past 9 days¬†in a row. I¬†know¬†it’s¬†not¬†really¬†a¬†huge¬†accomplishment¬†compared¬†to lots of other sites, but I¬†never¬†really expected a forex¬†blog to get this¬†popular. It’s by far the most successful thing I’ve¬†done¬†online.

I’m¬†not¬†really sure if¬†all my views¬†are people¬†though… it must be programs or¬†something¬†too, because I get 100+¬†hits per¬†day, but¬†only maybe 3¬†individual people commenting (on a¬†good¬†day.)¬†¬†So yes, if you are actually reading this, I demand comments! Preferrably comments about what you would like to see in the future, or any improvements. Sundays and Fridays are pretty filled with predictions and results, but in between I think I need some other stuff on weekdays. What do you think? Do you want articles, Q&A, videos/tutorials? Should I make an official non-wordpress website? Should I start charging a monthly fee? ūüôā Guest articles? Hmm.. that last one isn’t too bad. Or maybe you think my black layout sucks…

And don’t worry, I’ll try¬†not¬†to¬†post another¬†one of these kinds of blogs until¬†my views¬†are OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND.

Week 3 – Update 1

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So it’s 7 am Monday morning and I’ve already made $167.88 this week so far (Which is more than I’ll make at work today.) I’ve closed 3 trades already. Some of them I could have left longer, but meh.

AUDUSD – Hit the T/P overnight for $63
EURAUD – Narrowly missed the T/P by about 3 pips so I manually closed it at $48.33… could have gotten another $60 if my T/P was slightly higher
USDJPY – Closed for $56.55

I still had some minor server problems this morning logging in and closing trades, but now it seems relatively stable.

Also, woot… passed the 5,000¬†hits mark.

UPDATE: 6 pm – 2 more trades closed:
EURCHF – $44.73
EURJPY – $68.38

Live Trading – Week 3 – July 28 – August 1, 2008

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I guess I’ll get my predictions for this week in after all. Nothing but the basics here because I had to kind of whip them together hastily… hopefully I made the right moves. Already I notice one mistake, I placed all my trades with 2.10 lot size instead of the 2.25 I was planning on (exponential growth.) What a week this has been already… well here they are, let me know what you ¬†think:

USDJPY 107.99 – Sell T/P 107.30
AUDUSD 0.9540 – Buy T/P 0.9570
USDCAD 1.0195 – Sell T/P 1.0095
EURCHF 1.6292 – Sell T/P 1.6270
EURJPY 169.56 – Sell T/P 167.75
EURAUD 1.6455 – Sell T/P 1.6395

Happy Trading!