So it begins…

This blog is going to be a one-month documentation of my adventures in the world of Forex. I have been learning about and investing in the stock market for the past 2 years, but recently Forex has peaked my interest. With high-risk, high-reward opportunities, I felt that it is worth checking out. I might not have time to update every day, but I will try.

So far I have:
– Read the majority of the tutorials on
– Downloaded two Forex programs – One from Interbank and one from FXDD. I like the Interbank M4 program best so I will be using that for my month-long Forex test. Obviously this is a DEMO ACCOUNT. I am not using real money. After one month, if I am consistently successful, I may choose to open a small account with real money. First I need to find my own trading style and basically make myself a formula of how I plan to trade Forex.
– Made a few preliminary trades to get used to it and start making some money.

In my first day I’ve made $129.95. You can see my trades from today below, click the thumbnail.

Basically I’ve been trading by the minute and hour, taking small gains from $5 to $30. I’m using stochastic, relative strength index, and bollinger bands as indicators. I’m investing $100 per trade, which gets leveraged up to $10,000.

(Click below)



~ by yarcofin on February 12, 2008.

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