We’re in the money

7:45 am
As of this morning, I am now up to $822.71 in profits. (Nothing beats earning $600 while you sleep.) Certainly a nice start to my second day of trading. I have closed all my trades for the time being, I may put in some orders when I come home for my lunch break today. I will update this page today as things occur.
The sheer ease and amount of money made had me suspicious that perhap the whole thing is rigged, perhaps the data is not actually realtime but produced ahead of time by the bank, but after comparing the charts between the program I am using and Yahoo Finance, I’m fairly convinced that it is in fact using real data.

10:15 am
I’m afraid to buy more for two reasons: I don’t want to lose the big gain I have, and also because I will be working until 5 pm tonight and I won’t have a chance to check on how things are doing, so I will rely soley on stops/limits/profit taking of the software. I cancelled one of my orders and moved the limit up, it went up without dropping like I had expected during my first class.
I put in 4 new orders anyway. I’m down -$200 already… I have a bad feeling about this. It’s all part of the learning experience. I expect to be up $8,000 tonight… I feel like I’ve done a calculation wrong, but I checked it several times. Wait and see…
I feel like I should put stop-losses on these. Nah.

6:23 pm
Down -$800+ in trades that I have not closed yet. Hopefully they bounce back in the next day. I was looking at them over a longer time period (a day or two) rather than minutes anyway.

10:45 pm
Finished the day with a total profit so far of $1,047.74 (Woot, cleared the $1,000 mark.)
Of course this is not including that I am still holding positions that are down several hundred dollars.



~ by yarcofin on February 12, 2008.

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  1. “this is not including that I am still holding positions that are down several hundred dollars.”


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