Gains now exceed losses… or do they?

10:30 am
So everyone calling me “The Enron of Forex” can back off :P.

On my 7th day of forex trading (including the weekend it was closed on), I’m now up to $2,635.27 in profits.
My open trades that are currently losing money are down by about $2,300. So even if I liquidated all my crappy positions right now I would still be ahead.

Every day the projection seems to be that if I did this for a year straight, I would make about $100,000 per year.

7:49 pm
Oh cruel fate!
My “Enron style presentation” has caught up with me. My positions have somehow dropped to -$4,000 and I have been forced to sell some small losses to avoid a margin call and having them all forcibly sold tonight while I’m asleep. I will probably continue selling off losses tomorrow if they bounce back a bit.
For the first time my reported gains have dropped: $2,423.39


~ by yarcofin on February 18, 2008.

One Response to “Gains now exceed losses… or do they?”

  1. Where’s your gains now?!

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