I’m Back

First I apologize for my prolonged absense from keeping my blog updated. I have recently started getting messages from Yahoo users wondering if I am going to continue with my Forex blog or not. Yes, I intended on continuing my Forex blog, but I was on a week’s vacation in Cuba for over a week, and I just finished a large barrage of tests and assignments for college. So I hadn’t had time to do the Forex thing lately.

If you want an update, here it is… I fucked up.

My last day of trading was February 27th, and I finally resumed trading on March 16th.
Unfortunately, a series of bad choices has brought my balance down “OVER $9,000!

How it happened:
The biggest mistake was betting on the US dollar because all the charts seemed to suggest that was the way things were going. Too much technical analysis. If I had used any fundamental analysis it would have been clear not to do that. Not only did I do it once, but several times (Shorting GBPUSD, buying USDJPY, etc.)

I bought too much and didn’t keep enough funds on hand to cover my margin, so I got a margin call and lost a lot of money…. good thing it was fake! I guess now my blog will be all about making that money back, or maybe I will start over again with the lessons I have learned.

If only I had made the exact opposite of all of those trades, I probably would have doubled my account value.

If you cumulate all of my trades where I made money and all of those where I lost it:
– Gained $4274.85 in total
-Lost -$13167.56 in total, of which $9949.72 has been lost in the past 2 days alone.

So you’re probably wondering what the balance of my account is now…. $741.92


~ by yarcofin on March 21, 2008.

One Response to “I’m Back”

  1. You may as well restart. After all, it was supposed to be a month-long trial, and that was a month and a half ago.

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