Overnight trading for Monday, March 31st

Last night I finally got around to getting back into Forex a little bit, as a way to avoid studying for a test. Tonight I need to study though :P.

Instead of just listing my purchases, I’ll show the graph and what was going through my head at the time. The vertical red line indicates where I bought/sold. The up/down arrow next to the red line indicates my prediction of where the pattern is heading. If there is a check mark on the chart, that is where I sold.

Sell: USDvCHF (Swiss Franc)

Profit: $88.62




Profit: $48.00




Profit: (Still holding… program will automatically sell when it hits red dotted line)




Still holding. This is the one that went against my predictions last night. I then dollar-cost averaged up by continuing to buy more as it continued to rise. Dotted green lines indicate where I bought. The dotted red line is where my take-profit is. So right now I have a whole range of this particular symbol, ranging from a profit of $100 to a loss of $50, depending on where I bought it.


~ by yarcofin on March 31, 2008.

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