Results for My First Week of Predictions

Here is how my predictions from last Sunday night for this week have worked out:

EURvsUSD – FAIL. – 182 pips.
It went down to about 1.565 so you could have made money if you sold after one day, but ended the week at about 1.5832

USDvsJPY – WIN. +74 pips.
I called this one nearly perfect.. Down from $101.58 to $100.84. My prediction was $100 even.

GBPvsUSD – EPIC WIN. +2,009, pips
I exceeded my own estimates. Started the week at 1.9928 and predicted it would drop to 1.9850…. it actually ended this afternoon at 1.7919

USDvsCHF – WIN. +61 pips
My prediction of a drop and a recovery was correct. Started off the week at 1.0065. If you had shorted and sold on Thursday at 0.9910, you could have made +155 pips. If you held until today, you would have still closed at 1.0004

USDvsCAD –FAIL. -628 pips
Well that was dumb. Started at about 1.0860, ended the week at about 1.0232

AUDvsUSD – FAIL. – 90 pips
Similar to Euro, had a small drop less than $0.01 early on, followed by ending the week at about $0.9290

Total this week:
Win: 3
Fail: 3
Rate of success: 50%

Total wins: +2,144pips
Total losses: -900 pips

Net gain: +1,244 pips (avg 178 per day)

I’ll leave my result in pips rather than converting to dollars, since your $ profit would depend entirely on lot size.


~ by yarcofin on April 11, 2008.

One Response to “Results for My First Week of Predictions”

  1. CAD was up to 1.08? Easy call for a drop.


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