Predictions for April 21 – 25

Week 3 Predictions – Extended Edition

This week I am posting my predictions for 19 currency pairs, rather than the usual 6 (Well, I’m not commenting on one.) I’ve also tweaked my trading style a bit, to what I want The Lucre Producer© to ultimately mimic. This will show (or disprove) that you can trade currencies without having any idea about them and without any regard for news impacting each individual currency, a key component if I am eventually to trade with an automated system, which has no regard for such things.

I’m only spending a few minutes looking at each chart here. Literally a monkey could do what I’m about to do (well, maybe not quite.)

EURUSD 1.5808 Up for another day or two, then down to 1.5700
USDJPY 103.69 Down in the short term, then up to 107.00
USDCAD 1.0048 – Up short term, Down to 0.98
AUDUSD 0.9341 – Down to 0.9100
GBPUSD 1.9946 – Up to 2.0200.
EURCHF 1.6103 – Down to 1.5800
EURGBP 0.7924 – Down to ??? 0.7780 or lower. I sense a big drop coming.
EURJPY 163.92 – Down to 159.00
EURCAD 1.5884 – Down to 1.5700, maybe 1.5600… stretching it though.
EURAUD 1.6914 – Down to 1.68, then who knows.

GBPCHF 2.0317 – Up. Maybe as high as 2.0600
GBYJPY 206.82 – Up. 2-3 days up then turning around, might spike to 210.00

CHFJPY 101.76 – Down. In the process of turning around. Should drop to 101.00 or lower
NZDUSD 0.7909 – Up, Might hit 0.80
AUDJPY 96.85 – Mixed signals but down to 0.9300
AUDCAD 0.9387 – Not commenting.
AUDNZD 1.1808 – Down to 1.1650
NZDJPY 81.99 Short term sell, long term BUY AND HOLD to 87.00. Huge increase (500 pips) predicted in the next two weeks, no real estimate for just this week except that it should clear 0.83. *PICK OF THE WEEK*

This new approach will either result in hugely increased gains or hugely increased losses.


~ by yarcofin on April 20, 2008.

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