Week 3 Results

EURUSD +215 pips
USDJPY +70 pips
USDCAD -111 pips
AUDUSD +24 pips
GBPUSD -119 pips
EURCHF -58 pips
EURGBP +62 pips
EURJPY +112 pips
EURCAD +39 pips
EURAUD +186 pips
GBPCHF +231 pips
GBYJPY +15 pips
CHFJPY +106 pips
NZDUSD -102 pips
AUDJPY -40 pips
AUDNZD -122 pips
NZDJPY -53 pips

Total this week:
Win: 10
Fail: 7
Rate of success: 59%

Total wins: 1,060 pips
Total losses: 605 pips
Net gain: 455 pips (avg 91 per day)


Overall Win % (All time): 57%
Overall Avg Pips Won Per Day: +99.3

To make this more comparable to my other two weeks of trading (take the number of pairs into account), you can divide the number of trades like this.

6 trades normally / 17 this week = 0.35%. Multiply my 455 pip gain by 35% to get ~160 pips… still above last week’s results.

Here’s the thing though… this was nowhere near as good as I was expecting, so it’s still kind of disappointing. I thought for sure I was going to have 2,000 pips this week. Even though I still managed a decent gain this week and my trades went the right way, most of them didn’t get anywhere near the amount I had actually selected. This wasn’t just because I was being overenthusiastic though.By Wednesday I realized that I don’t think I was only predicting this week, I was also predicting a longer-term trend that should last for the next 2-3 weeks. So the majority of my positions this week should carry over into next week.

I noticed this because I was trading 8 of these pairs in my actual account. Well, I started the week with 10 pairs but within a couple of days I was within literally less than $50 of a margin call. By Wednesday night I hit the bottom of the trend at about -$2,500 (I don’t know pip-wise how much I was down), and now Friday afternoon I’m pretty much breaking even again. I missed this temporary dip in the charts because I was looking long-term. This emphasizes the need to trade a small proportion of your account, especially if you are going to have a large number of trades open as the potential for fluctuation is increased exponentially.

Then again, I wasn’t using stop limits either XD


~ by yarcofin on April 25, 2008.

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  1. Stop-limits are for the weak.

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