First week of losses

Blame it on this

EURvsUSD – -181 pips

USDvsJPY – -99 pips
(If you sold at the ideal time, you could have made 60 pips before it turned around… but I won’t play the “what if” game.)

GBPvsUSD – +215 pips
Just barely missed the sell-limit mark, but if you set it a little lower you could have made another few hundred pips as well.

USDvsCHF – -199 pips

USDvsCAD – +130 pips (minimum)
As predicted, hit the low level that I said to set a buy-limit at twice this week.

AUDvsUSD – No trade executed
Again it went as predicted but never hit quite as low as expected to trigger a trade, and wouldn’t have quite hit the take-profit line either. The potential for 150+ pips was there.

Total this week: 5
Win: 2
Fail: 3
Rate of success: 40%

Total wins: 345
Total losses: 479
Net LOSS: -134pips (avg -26.8 pips per day)


Overall Win % (All time): 48.5%
Overall Avg Pips Won Per Day: 35


~ by yarcofin on May 2, 2008.

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    People being worried about their job security thereby comprimises their job security. It’s like quantum physics!

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