Week 5 Results

Na na na na… can’t touch this. STOP. BRAGGING TIME.
74% return on investment in the past 5 weeks of predictions, or 1,859 pips total.

Yes, that includes one GIANT win, but even if you replace my first 1,200+ pip week with a measly 100 pips (less than average), you can still extrapolate that I will be producing about 150% returns per year. Let’s see your stocks do that…

Do you want a dollar figure on that?
Since I’m trading 0.2 lots at a time, that means that each pip is worth $2.
$2 x 1,859 = $3,718 in 5 weeks. From a $5,000 investment. Just over a month and your money is almost doubled.

Week 1: 1,244 pips
Week 2: 186 pips
Week 3: 455 pips
Week 4: -135 pips
Week 5: 108 pips

Anyway let’s take a look at this week’s trades:

Trade 1 – 86 pips
Trade 2 – 100 pips

Trade 1 – 35 pips
Trade 2 – Down 77 pips

Trade 1 – Down 68 pips

Trade 1 – 33 pips
Trade 2 – 30 pips

If you sold when it dropped below parity, you could have made another 30+ pips as well, but I’m not counting it towards the total. Even though I specifically said it, I never gave a T/P point so I don’t think it’s really fair to count it

AUDvUSD – If I listened to myself I could have made 200+ pips, but I decided it was too risky to buy, so it doesn’t count.

GBPvUSD – Down 31 pips

Total this week: 8
Win: 5
Fail: 3
Rate of success: 63%

Total wins: 284
Total losses: 176
Net Profit: 108 pips (avg 21.6 pips per day)


Overall Win % (All time): 55.75%
Overall Avg Pips Won Per Day: 28.3


~ by yarcofin on May 17, 2008.

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