Week 6 Results (Kind of)

I didn’t actually make predictions in blog-form this week, but I DID make trades.

Here they are.

Overall about 300 pips or 12% of my account value made. You’ll probably notice that I was trading throughout the week, rather than just buying and holding the entire time. I think this works out better, as my predictions tend to occur within the timeframe of 1-3 days rather than an entire 5-day week. This week I’ll probably end up making multiple blog entries as the market changes in different directions.

To make up for my lack of bloggage last week, I’ll be doing another “extended edition” of predictions for Week 7 tomorrow.

Wondering what kind of hits my blog gets? Here you go.
More than I thought, really. Over 5 hits most days… although I don’t know if this counts spiders/crawlers that are constantly stealing my content and pasting it onto other websites.

I’d appreciate if some people would comment just to let me know that there are actually real people reading this.


~ by yarcofin on May 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Week 6 Results (Kind of)”

  1. Yeah, im reading it, and no offense, but its not making much sense to me.

    First of, i dont know what i pip is, but i have been researching and it says 10,000=1USD, so yeah, i am kind of confused…hopefully you can put up a blog that better explains how you are making these returns, or email me (please), because i am not seeing. I am thinkngi of trading on FX.

  2. I’m another silent reader 🙂
    Unlike Brendan I know what’s a pip and I’ve been paper trading the EURUSD for 1 month with an average win of 40 pips a day. I’m starting real trading this week ^^
    I’ve been reading you since week 2 (or 3 ?) and I come back each week for the results. The must frustrating thing is that I do not know what your system is but I am glad to have access to your results Mr le Roi du roi.

  3. Well, your Yahoo Answers posts are paying off. That’s where I read about this blog. I will be following your predictions and method. I’ve had an interest in Forex for a while. I’m a stock market guy and have, in the past, spent very little time with Forex though I’m quite familiar with the nomenclature. Though I keep my long term investments in strong, proven and divident paying stocks, I am interested in learning how to trade Forex for the short term profits IF your method proves to be profitable 🙂
    Good luck

  4. I’m a real person and I’m reading it. Maybe you should move your blog (or also blog on) xearn.com. You’ll get more visitors that way, as people looking for investment ideas tend to go there.

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