Predictions for May 26 – 30, 2008

13 pairs this week. I’ve eliminated the pairs with very mixed signals (6 of them I believe.) All conclusions have been made based upon the system in my last post.

USDJPY 103.31–Strong sell signals. Down to 102.75 with a good chance for the trend to continue down to 100.08, and even the potential for a spike down to 98.75.

USDCHF 1.0237 – Near bottom, buy. T/P at 1.0307 with the potential for the upward trend to continue beyond that.

USDCAD 0.98881– Mixed sell. T/P 0.9833. At that point, evaluate whether to switch to a buy based on indicators.

AUDUSD 0.9598 – Down, or strong uptrend defying indicators. I’m betting that it will turn down. T/P Between 0.9552 and 0.9522 is a safe bet, with a chance to hit 0.9340.

GBPUSD 1.9800 – Sell. Huge drop back down to 1.9485

EURCHF 1.6150 – Buy. T/P 1.6211, with potential of continuation to 1.6306.

EURJPY 162.98 – Sell. T/P 161.73.

EURCAD 1.5588 – Drop then buy. Therefore, short to 1.5435 and then buy back and hold to 1.5557.

EURAUD 1.6426 – Slight drop then buy. Short to 1.6295 and then buy back and hold to 1.6424.

CHFJPY 100.88 – Sell. T/P 99.62, potential for 99.00

AUDJPY 99.15 – Sell. T/P ? 97.25 is a good bet.

AUDCAD 0.9485 – Sell. T/P 0.9420

NZDJPY 81.14 – Buy. T/P 81.70


~ by yarcofin on May 25, 2008.

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