Week 7 Results

Trading 13 pairs didn’t improve my results that much (the Yen ruined me this week.) Back to the Major 6 for this week’s predictions.

USDJPY 103.31– -210 pips.
Okay, everything relating to JPY was a bad call this week.

USDCHF 1.0237 –
If you sold at my T/P +70 pips
If you held for the week +183 pips

USDCAD 0.9881– +48 pips. Great call, hit bottom at 0.9822 only 10 pips below where I said, at which point you should have bought and made another 100 pips by the end of the week.

AUDUSD 0.9598 – Hit my first two suggested levels but never went down to the one that I said it had a “chance” of reaching.
If you had set your T/P at 0.9552 – +46 pips
If you had set your T/P at 0.9522 – +76 pips

GBPUSD 1.9800 – -7 pips.
Personally I saw that it was encountering difficulties breaking through and sold 1.9747 at a 50+ pip gain

EURCHF 1.6150 – +61 pips. Never quite hit the 2nd level predicted, but came awfully close.

EURJPY 162.98 – -100 pips. Hating the JPY this week… shows good reason why I should probably put some stop-limits on next week.

EURCAD 1.5588 – +153 pips on the downswing. But since I said to buy back at that point and it continued down, -18 pips for +135 pips total.

EURAUD 1.6426 – Similar story to the one above, +131 on the first half, -21 on the second half for a total of +110 pips.

CHFJPY 100.88 – -24 pips

AUDJPY 99.15 – -157 pips.

AUDCAD 0.9485 – +65 pips. Another near-perfect call.

NZDJPY 81.14 – Finally JPY did something right!
+56 pips at the T/P
+141 if you held for the week.

Total this week: 13
Win: 8
Fail: 5
Rate of success: 62%

Total wins (conservative estimate, green numbers): 591
Total losses: 498
Net Profit: 93 pips (avg 18.6 pips per day)
Overall Win % (All time): 58.88%
Overall Avg Pips Won Per Day: 23.45


~ by yarcofin on May 31, 2008.

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