Predictions June 16 – 20, 2008

Just the chance to double our money 🙂

EURUSD 1.5363 – Buy. T/P 1.5700
D- Near bottom
4H- Oversold
15M- Upwards

USDJPY 108.20 – Sell. T/P 101.00

I said to myself this week that I would never buy USDJPY again, after it has consistently lost me money for as many weeks as I can remember, but this week the signals are too strong to ignore. If this pair doesn’t make money this week, it’s cut for good and I will find another pair to replace it in my Top 6.

USDCHF 1.0489 – Sell. T/P 1.0260.
It will likely encounter some resistance at 1.0405 and 1.0333 on the way there.
D- Sideways
4H- Sell
15M- Sell

USDCAD 1.0289 – Sell. T/P 0.9932. Once it breaks below 1.0162, keep an eye on it in case it rebounds back up before hitting the T/P.
D- Down
4H- Down
15M- Down

AUDUSD 0.9385 – Buy. T/P 0.9590. Once again, first it has to break through 0.9473, which wouldn’t be a bad conservative goal… if I were trading real money, I would sell half there and hold the other half to T/P.
D- Strong buy or strong continuing downtrend
4H- Oversold
15M- Slightly upwards

GBPUSD 1.9471 – Buy. Once again, assess your own risk levels. 1.9772 is a good T/P, if you want to take more risk and think there will be strong action this week, you might want to consider 1.9933 or EVEN 2.0132
D- Down
4H- Up
15M- Up


~ by yarcofin on June 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Predictions June 16 – 20, 2008”

  1. thanks alot yarcofin
    you are wonderful
    but why not make live much easier to live by
    compilaing your system of trading in an EA and post or even sell.
    Things would get alot better.
    once again thanks alot

  2. what a nice blog, I just visit this. I know your blog from babypips forum. I have a system for long time it make money. could you help me to code it??
    Thx alot

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