Week 10 Results (Spoiler: EPIC WIN)

Ch’yeah boiiiiiiii. Nothing but green this week. Hell, I’m just going to make the entire post green.

EURUSD – +337 pips (Randy Savage impression: Ooooh yeeaaaaah) This week finished only 2 pips above my T/P line.

USDJPY – +95 pips. Didn’t get anywhere near my T/P but still good.USDCHF – +148 pips

USDCAD – +121 pips

AUDUSD – +153 pips

GPBUSD – +293 pips

Total this week: 6
Win: 6
Fail: 0
Rate of success: 100%
(Street Fighter impression: PER-FECT!)

Total wins: 1,147
Total losses: 0
Net Profit: pips (avg 229.4 pips per day)
Overall Win % (All time): 69.11% (ouch :P)
Overall Avg Pips Won Per Day: 128.7

Thank you, pitiful US dollar


~ by yarcofin on June 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Week 10 Results (Spoiler: EPIC WIN)”

  1. That’s great !!!
    Congrats !
    Did you notice anything different at the start of the week that could have helped you forecast this great outcome ?

  2. Not particularly, aside from what I always do… technical analysis, looking at the chart using indicators. I suppose if I was following the news, it would be rather obvious that the US dollar is still continuing a downward trend and things are getting worse in the US economy.

  3. Thanks for the Answer !
    mmmh I’m going to re-study the Lucre Producer 3.0 ^_^ Thanks again for sharing it with us that’s great !

  4. Is this awsome ea available to the general public somewhere?

  5. The EA has not been created yet, we have run into some issues that we haven’t been able to resolve at this point, combined with limited time available. It is working in some degree, but not nearly good enough to put to use in a “forex for dummies” form where you just set it on any chart, any time period and it does the work, what is the ultimate goal.

    However, all the information that would eventually go into this EA is already available free on my blog post “Everything you want to know about forex (or “How to get rich”)” which you can see on the right-hand side on the “Top Posts” section of my menu. Also see “The Lucre Producer” for an overview of the system and what it is expected to accomplish.

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