Week 2 – Update 2

Closed EURCHF this morning before I went to work, and USDCAD and EURUSD hit their T/P marks while I was at work, bringing my total “locked in” profit this week to about $430 so far… not bad for two days work :P. (Minus my 3 currently remaining trades down about -$180 right now.)


~ by yarcofin on July 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “Week 2 – Update 2”

  1. You are certainly doing better than all the stop/loss and trailing stop pushing amateurs I see lecturing on their soap boxes on all the FX forums.

  2. if you shorted the joy pairs with no stops you are taking a good old fashioned ass whooping this week.

  3. Strongly disagree. I just closed my last trade for the week – my only loss-, GBPJPY which was -74 pips. Yes last night it was down 200 pips or so. It would probably even go profitable if I left it all day, but I don’t really want to take that risk.

  4. are you using stops? What is your holding time?

  5. No stop-losses allowed.

    Average trade lasts 1-3 days. All trades are liquidated before the market closes for the week, regardless.

  6. are you using full lots?

  7. I won’t be replying to your questions any more, because it’s quite apparent you aren’t reading very closely. Everything you have asked has already been answered in previous posts.

    “Each of these 4 trades were made with 2.0 lot sizes (so each pip is worth $2)”

    “All trades this week will be 2.10 lot size, increased due to the gain from last week. This increasing lot size as I continue to make gains is crucial in exponential compounding of my account value.”Z

    If you looked at my results for the last two weeks, in the graphics you could also see that each trade was 2.00 and 2.10 lots respectively.

    Aside from that, lot size is irrelivant. Each broker may have 3 different lot sizes or more (standard, mini, micro), so if your next question is “those don’t look like full lots”, THEY’RE MINI LOTS. I am also just trading a proportion of my account which I calculate in percent, which just happens to get reflected as lots when placing trades.

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