IBFX Servers Down?

I’ve been unable to log into my IBFX account for over 24 hours now. I’ve heard rumors from other people that they are doing server maintainence this weekend, but it’s still quite an inconvenience. I’m hoping that they get everything back up overnight so I can do my predictions tomorrow, because I’m currently only seeing data from the last time I logged in (Thursday), and if I try to view charts I hadn’t viewed on Thursday, I get the indefinite “waiting for update” message. It’s a big problem when the majority of your forex work and research occurs on the weekend.

On a more positive note, my blog has a new record for “most views” today with 175. It will also likely surpass the 5,000 views mark within the next 2-3 days.


~ by yarcofin on July 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “IBFX Servers Down?”

  1. you dont use MT4 then? I find it better than most brokers offerings, plus if you change broker you dont have to familiarise yourself with a new charting system again.

    what made you go with IBFX? I spent weeks trying to work out which broker to go with but didnt look that closely at ibfx.

    I hope they fix it, I want to see if your predictions match mine, then i may be more confident about not losing again this week 😛

  2. DC–> Yarcofin explained most of it already and IBFX uses MT4…

    Yarcofin –> Congrats for this week’s results and don’t forget that you can easily open a demo account somewhere else to regain access to forex data.

  3. has he? all i found at the start was “Downloaded two Forex programs – One from Interbank and one from FXDD. I like the Interbank M4 program best so I will be using that for my month-long Forex test.”

    doesnt say why he chose those in the first place. if ib uses mt4 anyway, why not get one of the mt4 feeds from free demo accounts to use for analysis while ib is down. my broker doesnt use mt4 so i have 2 demo accounts that provide me the data, alpari and odl, although a better one would be nice, alpari doesnt start up properly on sundays and that lost me a 100 pip trade last week by the time i spotted it.

  4. Interbank FX (IBFX) does use the MT4 platform. If you look at the images of my results for the last two weeks, those are MT4 reports. IBFX was the only broker that seemed reliable/trustworthy to me aside from OANDA, and OANDA does not offer MT4.

    I could open a demo account elsewhere but it might not be 100% accurate. Although most brokers will have very similar rates, there is no centralized forex bank that gives out the rates, every broker has different data feeds from different sources.

    10 am Sunday now and still no connection… I’ll be sending an inquiry if it isn’t working by 6:30 (1/2 hour after trading opens.)

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