Tutorial – The Lucre Producer© Forex Template

I can’t make my predictions yet since IBFX servers are still not up, so I have put together a quick tutorial showing you how to set up your template the same way that I do in MT4. I apologize ahead of time for it’s incredible ghettoness…. this is the combination of using an open-source video capture software on a widescreen monitor while using text-to-speech. You may need to open the video full-screen to see some of the things I am referring to.

If anyone wants my custom MACD indicator I mention/show in the video, you can download it HERE, as an attachment on the third post. Follow the instructions given in that post to install it. That page is also a good overview of my Lucre Producer© system, moreso than I have covered here, with lots of Question & Answers as well.

Once I can log into my account, I will do a tutorial showing how I actually make my predictions step-by-step in realtime. But at this point, it looks like that won’t be until next weekend.


~ by yarcofin on July 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tutorial – The Lucre Producer© Forex Template”

  1. well your prediction about 5000 hits was wrong, looks like its going to be today 😉

  2. Yeah, random spike in activity overnight… I already had over 100 hits by 10 am this morning. Looks like today might set a new record and break the 200 views in one day mark.

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