Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog. It’s been hitting some milestones lately… As you probably heard me rambling about, it just passed 5,000 total hits. Today was also a record-breaker with 200+ views for the first time ever. And of course I recently got my first hate mail… “your blog sucks, you make in black? thats horrible.” XD.

I think it’s pretty impressive… at first I was getting 100 hits per MONTH. Now I’ve had 100+ hits per DAY for the past 9 days in a row. I know it’s not really a huge accomplishment compared to lots of other sites, but I never really expected a forex blog to get this popular. It’s by far the most successful thing I’ve done online.

I’m not really sure if all my views are people though… it must be programs or something too, because I get 100+ hits per day, but only maybe 3 individual people commenting (on a good day.)  So yes, if you are actually reading this, I demand comments! Preferrably comments about what you would like to see in the future, or any improvements. Sundays and Fridays are pretty filled with predictions and results, but in between I think I need some other stuff on weekdays. What do you think? Do you want articles, Q&A, videos/tutorials? Should I make an official non-wordpress website? Should I start charging a monthly fee? 🙂 Guest articles? Hmm.. that last one isn’t too bad. Or maybe you think my black layout sucks…

And don’t worry, I’ll try not to post another one of these kinds of blogs until my views are OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND.


~ by yarcofin on July 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. ur webb site is great,,color is fine,,lol. ur pairs are excellent,,I cant enter that many,,maybe one or two, but they were right on target

  2. Why do you waste your time on BabyPips forum? I dare say 99% of the people on that forum have no real knowledge or have any genuine interest in earning money. I seriously also doubt that there are even 10 successful traders on the entire forum. Just install and run your own forum why don’t you?

  3. Yeah it seems like most of Babypips is newbies now (“Which broker should I pick” boards every single day), or perhaps I just stopped being a newb myself? The main reason I’m still there is because there are a few people on there that I think actually do have some knowledge and I respect their opinions.

    The forum over there is already too slow for me… I only go in 3 of the sections of the forum on a regular basis (Newbie Island, Forextown, and Free Forex Trading Systems.) There is maybe 5 new posts (not even new topics) each day in there? Less than that than I’m interested in…. if I started my own forum it would probably be pretty disasterous (at least at first.) It looks like there are about 5 people here who post comments on a regular basis… I have a feeling that’s all the forum would be (at least at first.) But maybe I’m wrong… if there are a bunch of lurkers who read and never comment but would love a forum, post a comment and let me know!

  4. I personally find all the investment forum even the one utterly useless and just annoying more than anything. Even if it is small, a small meaningful forum would be better than a huge cesspool of failed and soon to fail non-traders pretending to be winning ones copying and pasting pure crap from the pure crap they read on other forums. In trading, psychology and the application of it to a modicum of sound technique based on solid money management is all you need to succeed. This seldom is discussed or understood; let alone appreciated by vast majority of traders. As you clearly know, if you KNOW for a fact that your margin can withstand the drawdown, you have no stress and no worries. And you only close down a trade for a loss if you get tired at looking at the drawdown not because you got stopped out. I myself personally reset on the first trading day of the month by closing out all floating trades.

  5. I have a challenge for you.

    I have all the rules for successful forex trading, but i don’t have an EA to run the rules.

    If your interested, please email\ me back, and we can discuss it further.


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