Live Trading – Week 4 – August 3 – 8, 2008

Hoping to make a recovery after last week’s loss… Everything took a major gap this week as soon as trading opened as illustrated below…. all in the direction I predicted. I don’t know if this will help or hurt. It has definately made my  T/P a lot more narrow as there is less room left than I anticipated.

EURUSD 1.5577 – Buy. T/P 1.5660 (Originally quoted as 1.5540 before open)
USDJPY 107.55 – Sell. T/P 107.40 (Originally quoted as 107.74 before open)
GBPUSD 1.9758 – Buy. T/P 1.9870 (Originally quoted as 1.9732 before open)
USDCHF 1.0484 – Sell. T/P 1.0425 (Originally quoted as 1.0512 before open)
USDCAD 1.2640 – Sell. T/P 1.0264 (Originally quoted as before 1.0269 open)

I’m avoiding AUDUSD altogether after last week… I STILL feel like it’s going to have a massive upswing this week, but it’s too risky.

I said I would be making a video tutorial this weekend, but I haven’t gotten around to it so far because I bought a new laptop this weekend and I’ve been spending most of my time getting it set up… hopefully tomorrow. (Civic holiday here in Canada.)

Edit: Shit, I didn’t look at my lot sizes… since I’m on a new computer, my lot sizes are at 1.00 by default, so all my trades are about half their regular size…so my results are going to look a little funky this week.

300+ views today… thanks guys


~ by yarcofin on August 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Live Trading – Week 4 – August 3 – 8, 2008”

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